Graphics & Printing Services

  • Graphics design is a design or concept that is made up of visual materials to communicate or present something. Graphics design is part of what we see in the world. Such as- mobile dmts from billboards to serial boxes. Graphics design is a professional and academic discipline whose activities consist of a project of visual communication of a social group of people with a specific purpose.Graphics & Printing Service is provided by UNICTECH for graphics design services such as logo design, banner design, poster design, branding, flex design, visiting card, etc.

Logo Design

In a word, a logo is an image, text, shape, or a combination of these three that identifies the name or purpose of a business or company. So, a logo can or should be more than just identifying something. If the logo is well designed, it can also be the story of a company conveying the message of your brand.

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Branding is the creation or shape of a brand in the human mind. Branding is a great way to present your business to people. Branding lets your customers know and feel your business. Remember, a strong band is much more valuable than a popular logo.

Flex & Banner

Flex banner print is an advertising work designed to meet the needs of experts. Flex banners are commonly used in the digital printing industry. Flex Banner is a combination of creativity and business that provides you with an overall promotional solution. Remember that branding is more than just putting your logo on a pen or a hat, which is not always found in catalogs.

visiting Card

Visiting Card

A visiting card is a paper card that gives a brief description of a person. At present, the visiting card contains the name and logo of the company in addition to the description of the person. Visiting card is also known as a calling card. A small card used for social purposes. Before the eighteenth century, social calling visitors would leave handwritten notes at the homes of friends who were not at home, which later became known as visiting cards.