Who We Are?

Since the genesis of this world from birth to death each on every moment humans encounter challenge but the fruition and ultimate result of this encounter remains unfulfilled grossly. In this world people are dependent on two things, better be called by two elements one is product and other is service. The former is tangible and latter is palpable and both need to be commercially viable. Now we provide this two things and the right price and the right time to the people at large in the world is unavailable. Our mission and goal is to provide and reach the right product and right service at the right time to the targeted end users.

We have named this uR3 and we have contrived a model and here we elaborate the model on which we are based through you are the model we would like to diversify our range of product, whatever we have created so far and whatever we will be creating is near of distant future will carry the prefix “Uni” before the subsequent product and service. UNI in UNIC TECH means ‘One’ so this word is all about “one for all and all for one”.

Our Vision :

To provide products and services to everyone with our Revolutionary uR3 model.

Our Mission :

To solve the mankind’s problem by the innovative solution key Universal Networking Information Computer Technology

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Saiful Islam


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Dr. Abdul Haque


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Rajdeep Sinha


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Chaitanya Mondal



M Rahaman


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Masum Hossain

HR Admin

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Ramish Rahman

System Head

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Web & Soft. Developer

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Bipul Bansal


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Basir Ikbal

Finance Dept. Head

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Md Mosharof SK

Web & App Developer

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Anisur Rahaman

Doctor's Asst.

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